Martini No Olive
1989 dark bay Thoroughbred gelding, 16 hh

    Affectionately referred to as "Tini" and wryly dubbed the “The Foundation Gelding,” Martini is actually the reason Heart of Gold Farm came to be. When a serious shoulder injury cut short Martini’s career as a show hunter, we began to consider the possibility to buying a farm in order to give this beloved horse the retirement he deserved. From that small goal, Heart of Gold Farm has grown. While Tini loves his new life in the green pastures of Heart of Gold Farm, he is anything but retired. In the spring he serves as our teasing gelding, sparing us the need of a resident stallion to tease mares. The rest of the year, he and his buddy Eric serve as kind and amazingly tolerant babysitters to some of our young horses. Tini was the first horse Renee ever actually owned and will forever be her best friend and favorite old fella.

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Martini No Olive

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