Cory & Annie

    Our seven–year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgis. They are the farm’s chief guest announcers, pint-sized guardians, bed-warmers and assistants in just about any activity you can imagine. We purchased these two from their breeder the year we were moving to the farm--which will explain why most of their baby pictures have packing boxes in the background. Cory, our male, is the sweetest, most loyal companion a person could ever want. He is high energy and always ready for the next activity. Annie(aka Nanni) is just the opposite. A living teddy bear, Nanni tries not to let too many things get in the way of her two greatest passions, eating and getting 23 1/2 hours sleep a day. We should all be lucky enough to have a life like hers. She is also an incredible sweetheart. They both enrich our lives every day and we are grateful to have them as our “children”.


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